Gluten–free diet menu

Excellent local and international meal prepared with great enthusiasm and diligence by Chef de Cuisine Hotel SLOVAN*** Ing. Michal Blaha in cooperation with his team. Since the early days, our buffet is rich, manifolds and colourfull and as a concept of „half-service“ beloved by our guests. The right key of satisfaction of whole family is honest kitchen.
Food is beeing prepared by simple procedure of cooking from fresh ingredients daily.

We offer you a wide range of food celiac, gluten-free diet food, gluten-free bread and pastries, flakes, meat products, special pancakes and porridge in our buffet, of course there is always more.

Where is a rich offer, there is a suprice: LIVE COOKING, the culinary performance of the Chef de Cuisine at dinner buffet service time. Chef de Cuisine by flambing, roasting, grilling and caramelizing will create for you unique specialties. There is a choice for any preference you have. In addition of our menu containing the salads, deserts and plates with sides, we also offer gluten-free diet menu. You can find gluten-free diet menus marked with a special sing. Our wellcome guests have a chance to discuss their needs directly with our chefs.

A la Carte menu and gluten-free diet daily menu avaliable at 12:00 am to 2:00 pm in snack bar of Hotel SLOVAN***.

Amazing food and enjoyable atmosphere are brightened up with Hihgt Tatras view.

You are wellcome to enjoy our hospitality of family hotel, Hotel SLOVAN***.

Hotel Slovan Tatranská Lomnica : Gastronómia, Bezlepková strava

Gluten-free diet: suitable food

  • cereals, legumes : rice, corn, buckwheat, millet, amaranth, quinoa, all legumes, soybeans
  • flour products : gluten-free flour products and products
  • dairy products : non-flavored milk products, gluten-free yogurt, soft and hard chees and processed cheese
  • meat : pure meat, gluten-free meat products
  • fish : fresh fish, fish canned in their own juice with oil additives permitted
  • vegetables : fresh potatoes and vegetables, frozen without additives
  • fruit : fresh fruit, frozen without additives
  • nuts and seeds : pure nuts and seeds
  • fat : clean animal fats and vegetable oils, gluten-free fat spreads and margarine
  • sweeteners : sugar crystal, lumps, right honey, agave syrup, stevia
  • baking : Gluten-Free: powder, pudding, corn starch, potato starch, yeast
  • flavorings : wine vinegar, cider, rice, gluten-free: ketchup, tartar sauce, mustard, mayonnaise, soy sauce, broth
  • herbs and spices : fresh and dried herbs, spices single-, gluten-free mixture of spices
  • drinks : mineral water and pure water, pure juices, flavored teas, coffee, wine, gluten-free beer
  • confectionery : gluten-free sweets

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