Children´s play area Žblnk

’Žblnk, žblnk, žblnk’ resonates in our children´s pool. That is also why the children’s play area got such a joyful name. It is located right in our Relax centre near the children’s pool. It is a comfortable place for children´s games, since it is warm and cozy here. It is nice to relax for a while after a swim, for example with a good book. Fun with an animal farm is waiting for you here. You can find all kinds of soft toy animals – horses, cows, piglets as well as geese. You can pretend to be a gardener and gather the fruits and vegetables into a basket. Little Misses will be glad to find a real doll house with a full set of furinture as well as accessories. The Barbie and Šušu dolls have their wardrobes full of clothes. The Šušu doll also goes to sleep and you can change her nappies too. Our staff will be happy to lend you jigsaw puzzles, board games and playing cards. Come on in with children. They are welcome here!

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