Massage in our hotel will relax your muscles, eliminate mental fatigue and congestion. Main goal of this massage is to achieve a state of the greatest harmony of your body and mind.


We put guest´s needs on first place. There are two possibilities of classic massage, first choice is whole-body massage and second choice is part massage, where our guests can choose preferred part of quest´s body for massage. All you need to do is just enjoy and relax.


Massage is effective in suppressing even the first call of pain and musculoskeletal diseases. Goal is to stimulate the lymphatic system and support the immune system. Forget the muscle spams, immobility of stiff and sore muscles, with well-done massage. Stress and even tension and depression, all of these problems will become an old history. Massage is also part of active people training program which also greatly helps with congestion, post-traumatic or post-surgery conditions and brings total human relaxation and serenity.


The most significant effects of massage improving are for the blood circulation of skin and muscles, reducing of toxins, and mental health of human mind. Periodic massage session soothing and flexing skin, pain of muscles is reduced and you will feel younger and stronger. Our regular massage brings relaxation mostly for neck, shoulders and back, also increasing health resistance of body, what makes this massage more valued.


We don´t recommend massage in hypertension, acute inflammatory diseases, infectious and febrile conditions. Please consult with doctor for injuries and diseases.


Type During
Classical massage : Nape 20 minutes
Classical massage : Back 30 minutes
Classical massage : Legs 30 minutes
Classical massage : Full body 60 minutes
Classical massage : For pregnant women 15 minutes