Honey is a natural medicine, what is known since ancient times. One of the most effective alternatives to use valuable properties of honey is massage. Honey massage represents a pleasant form of relaxation with revitalization of your body not just after a long and busy day. Mountain honey has a strong antioxidants effect which will rid your body of toxins. Your body will take strong value of vitamins, minerals, essential oils and trace elements of natural bee product. The right compression strokes of our professionals will stimulate skin and blood circulation what at the end contribute to the increase of detoxification and regeneration.


We apply Honey massage on back of our guests. Back is a place of our body what include a lot of reflex zones with nerves ends of almost all human organs. This fact makes a back an ideal for therapeutic, detoxifying and regenerative procedures. In using of adequate and appropriate stimulation and compression palpation we contribute to the most effective treatment for your body. Honey massage is combination of excellent touch and honey applied directly to the skin.


Honey massage has been proved as a supportive agent in the treatment of rheumatic diseases of muscles and joint pain, anemia, indigestion, liver regeneration, kidney weakness and skin problems. Our honey massage helps with relieving the chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep disorders, headaches, migraines and depression. Honey massage is also suitable for treatment of infertility or for women period pain. However, you can afford Honey massage any time with detoxification diets and to promote healthy lifestyle or just for good feeling.


After honey massage you will feel lighter and pleasantly relaxed. Your skin will be soft and smoothed with a pleasant honey aroma. The organism will refill necessary vitamins and minerals and it will regenerate. The expected result will be refresh revitalized body, mind and unique feeling of lightness.
One of the effect of quality honey massage and purgation is weak but pleasant fatigue, slightly headache and possibly slight reddening of the skin. However, this only underlines its high efficiency. Each client react individually, so after the massage does not cause any significant reaction.


Massage is not recommended for people which are allergic to bee products, for people with injuries of the skin, eczematous and allergic diseases as well as cancer and acute febrile conditions.


Type Duration Price
Honey massage : Back 25 minutes 16 €