Relaxation massage is not just for people who feel exhausted or physically fatigued. This massage will take you into the world of relaxation, release and pleasant rest. Surrender of the effects of our relaxing massages in the pleasant environment of our hotel Relax center. Choose a facial massage, feet and back and you will feel reborn.


Relaxation massage is performed gentle, push rod movements with the help of medicated oil. Relaxing massage accompanied by pleasant music is the right way to release your entire body, especially the locomotive and supporting system, but also the face or feet. In the beautiful surroundings of our therapy rooms toned in color concept is effective against stress and nervous strain and has a strong calming effect. Absorption of oil using empathic touch of our professional masseurs demonstrably helps to harmonize your entire body.


Relaxation massage is very soft, resting and relaxing massage. This type of massage is appropriate for you, especially for back pain but also the whole body which are caused by everyday body overloading.


The massage is not recommended for febrile disorders, infective and hot-tempered conditions, total body weakness, osteoporosis and pregnancy.


Type Duration Price
Relaxation massage: Face 20 minutes 13 €
Relaxation Massage: Feet 20 minutes 13 €
Relaxation Massage: Back 25 minutes 16 €