Sport has an essential place in today’s busy world. It helps us keep our body and mind in a form that contributes to greater resilience and well-being. Special sports massage is excellent introduction and end of each physical activity. Relaxes muscles, tunes muscle tension, improve blood circulation and stimulate the lymphatic circulation. Brings connective tissue of the joints and quality stretching helps relax tired muscles. The result will be the better sports performances.


Our sports massage is tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

While you are  preparing to do some sports, with massage we can help to spark lymph and blood circulation in the tissues so that they are prepared to make the highest maximum power. Rhythm, intensity and sequence of special touches and compressions are higher in this case and target the areas of the body that are most burdened. After mastering all sporting activities our experienced therapists are ready to help your locomotive system regenerate and relax in the comfortable atmosphere of our wellness. The aim of the relaxation-type sports massage is mainly to relax and calm down stressed muscles after excessive strain. The techniques and strokes are therefore more sensitive and less intense. Indulge yourself  to a well-deserved reward in the form of a nice massage after any sport activity. Your body will repay you.


Massage is not recommended for open injuries, infectious diseases, acute febrile conditions, total body weakness, cancer, osteoporosis, and in certain diseases of the locomotive system.


Type Duration Price
Sports massage : putting fatigue and renewing power 20 minutes 13 €