Starý Smokovec, Mineral water from Smokovec

Slovakia is a queen of “mineral waters”. Places where natural mineral water springs are numerous in our area, some are well-known through some still wit to be discovered, some forgotten and some lost.

Stary Smokovec, Calvary on “The Nice View”

The only Calvary in High Tatras is located in Stary Smokovec. At the outset, let me quote the curator, director of the gallery Anna Ondrušeková “This Calvary is not classic, is artistic expression of artists. Is an expression of man’s relation to events and personality of Jesus Christ.

Stary Smokovec, “The Nice View”

If you found Smokovec acidulous water and you have some time to watch Old Smokovec from above, you can follow path further towards the viewt. It’s a place where you will be fine with your children. Although the path leads up the hill, but what would you expect in the Tatras :),(more…)

Stary Smokovec, geoglyph

Surely you think I was probably mistaken … Well, i‘m not 🙂 You red correctly: geoglyph. Geoglyphs are a large painting or other large graphic motives created on the surface. In Slovakia are two such unique buildings. The first one (probably better known) is located under the Spis castle

Stary Smokovec, Villa Alica

This eye-pleasing log house has been standing in the centre of Starý Smokovec since 1880. Its original name used to be „Little Spiš“. A couple of years later it was renamed after the great Tatry-loving Austro-Hungarian minister Dezider Szilágyi (to this day many inhabitants of the Tatras know it as the Szilágy villa).

Wooden churches in the High Tatras area

Wooden churches could be described as a masterpiece of Slovak folk art. They are without a unique part of our cultural heritage. In Slovakia from more than 300 original objects preserved to this day, about 60 of sacral buildings. These buildings were on the one hand a sign of transience and “smallness” of man,

Starý Smokovec, Wooden Roman Catholic church

The church in Stary Smokovec is located in the mountainous village, just a few meters from the valley (bottom) station funicular to Hrebienok. It is built in the Alpine style and half-timbered masonry, which is the characteristic of this building style and unrepeatable.

Dolny Smokovec, Roman Catholic church

The church has been serving the public and spa guests since 1891. It were the regular spa guests who organised a collection which funded the construction costs. The building was designed by the famous architect Gideon Majunke (1855 – 1921) of Spišska Sobota (more…)

Tatranska Kotlina, Wooden Roman Catholic church

Another in a series of wooden churches in the vicinity of our hotel is a little church in Tatranska Kotlina. You can find it at the end of the village in the direction of Zdiar, just before exit for the distinctive village Lendak. It situated to the right of the main road. When going by car it can be easily overlooked because it is obscured by the high trees (more…)

Lendak, Museum of Folk Culture

LENDAK | Museum of Folk Culture

Lendak, Múzeum ľudovej kultúry | Hotel SLOVAN Tatranská Lomnica

Lendak – a distinctive village located in the Tatra valley. The village was founded in the 13th century and the first written mention is from 1288. Its inhabitants were renowned shepherds and herdsmen. This private museum it is operated by Ms. Galikova – a fan of local folk customs, costumes and Lendak culture as a whole.(more…)

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