Stone churches (medieval, 13th century.)

Medieval stone churches

Spis region, without any exaggeration can be described as a very attractive tourist region. It is interesting not only for the Slovaks, but can also offer many attractions of global importance to foreigners. In addition to the unique and unspoilt nature it is also rich in cultural heritage. (more…)

Velka Lomnica, the Roman Catholic church

The village Velka Lomnica is located about 8 miles northeast of Poprad, just next to the main road to Kezmarok and Stara Lubovna. The first written mention of the village dates back to 1257, when it belonged among the advanced settlements of Spis and became the property of Rikolfa, the founder of the family of the lords of Lomnica. (more…)

Mlynica, the Roman Catholic church

MLYNICA | Roman Catholic church

This little village is located about 8 km north of Poprad. Its origin is linked to the German colonization of Spiš. Many famous Tatra guides, as well as many experienced mountaineers, who knew the surrounding mountains like the back of their own hands came from Mlynica. Many of them are buried in the local cemetery (more…)

Tours and excursions for families with children (including in prams)

If you are a lover of nature, excursions and exploring new places, we would like to offer you and your children some inspiration regarding trips in the High Tatras area. The suggestions for trips we are about to give you are suitable even for families with smaller children or for older people. (more…)

Trip # 1 to the oldest cottage in the High Tatras

Probably the most visited and one of the most popular routes in the High Tatras. Of course, we are talking about visiting Rainer’s lodge. The hike can be divided into two parts: route A (Stary Smokovec – Hrebienok) and route B (Hrebienok – Rainer cottage). (more…)

Rainer’s lodge

Rainer’s lodge

Rainerova útulňa | Hotel SLOVAN*** Tatranská Lomnica

It is certainly the oldest and probably also the smallest lodge in the High Tatras. Specifically because of its size and because you cannot spend the night there, it is often called a “refuge”. It saw the light of day in 1863 and the initiator of its creation was the legendary tenant of Stary Smokovec – Johan Georg Rainer.(more…)


Kezmarok is situated in the north of the Slovak Republic in the picturesque surroundings of Spiš under the High Tatra mountains. The town was created by merging several settlements of the original Slovak population with the settlement of German immigrants. The first written mention of the town comes from 1251. Kezmarok gained its first town rights in the 1269. (more…)

Kezmarok, Protestant Wooden Articular church

Protestant Wooden Articular church

Evanjelický artikulárny kostol | Hotel SLOVAN***

Evanjelický artikulárny kostol | Hotel SLOVAN***

This important national cultural and sacral monument was created nearly 300 years ago. The church, paradoxically, owes its creation to the” dark” ages and the persecution of Protestants in our country. And what does the term “articular” means? Let’s have a little look at the history. (more…)

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