Kezmarok, Town Hall

The fourth stop on the historical route is Kezmarok’s Town Hall, situated in the cenre of the High street.

The first Kezmarok Hall stood on one of the oldest streets in Kezmarok – the old market. After the invasion of the Hussites in 1433 the town partly burned down and the town centre was moved to a different place where they created a new square.

Juraj from Spišská Sobota built a new Gothic town hall in its centre in 1461. After the great fire the town hall was rebuilt in the Renaissance style by master Kuntz from Kezmarok in 1541 – 1555. In 1641 during the reign of Sigismund Moyes the Town Hall tower was built alongside it. According to historical description by Juraj Bohus from 1720 the Town Hall is finished with battlements. On the south side is painted a coat of arms and a picture of justice. The tower is decorated with educational inscriptions. During town markets lead drums are beaten in the tower and the town trumpeter plays there as well…

In 1779 the town hall burnt down again and was rebuilt in the classical style. Today’s appearance and an added second floor came after the last great fire of 1922.

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