Ejoy wonderfull time playing games and having fun either you are young or an adult. We have prepared a unique space for games with a friendly and familiar atmosphere of a family hotel.

Snooker or pool

Would you like to play pool with your friends? Or you would rather shared your tricks with your kids? Its up to you, our pool tables are ready for you to ejoy. The game requires great skill, flexibility and accuracy. Develops imagination and tenacity. Let´s go grab the cues and the balls. With us you will enjoy the game on huge tables ruby coated canvas.


Everyone likes to score a goal. In this game for four players, two in defence and two in ofence, have the opportunity to score. Kids will enjoy smaller tables and adults the profesional one. Let yourself be carried away by the victory. Players will do their best during a massive fan encouragement.

Our tip : Each game is played on the ten winning goals with two goals difference. As a draw followed by a shootout. If players played for 10 : 0 score, crawling under the table, which means that both players who lost to curry favor with table football.

Table tennis or Ping-pong

In a pleasant environment you can enjoy popular individual sport, one of the fastest sports games in the world. Show your talent and your game. Whether you play in a pair or a team take your chances and feel like an Olympician. Here´s to the winners.


In our hotel you can enjoy poker game. Have a great night with friends or family with this game for two to ten players.Sit down and savour your favourite drinks and gamble. The game variations and limits are up to you. You can cut atmosphere with knife.


The royal strategy board game for two players combines an art, science and sport. Chalange your strategic and logical thinking. With a litlle bit of psychology and you can be the winner screaming “Checkmate“. The board and the pieces are wainting for you. We wish you good luck and clear head as Gari Kasparov.

Or tip: The player who gets the first phone call or SMS message is the looser 🙂