Creative workshops Bees

Dear children, do you like honey? If you answered yes, you should know that for a delicious honey is the work of hundreds of hardworking bees. And as diligent bees while collecting nectar from which arises a great honey, too clever and diligent you can now become a something new you can learn about the bee.

Therefore, we prepared a “Creative workshops Bees”. Try to produce the honeycomb beautiful candles. Heating a honeycomb small, narrow, long and wide. And when you dial them, you can get them too slowly. Your fantasy, we paint from fiction world. You can also choose to paint cast candles from beeswax and give her your design. Beautiful gift is sure to please any mother or grandmother.

Mrs. beekeper very engaging talk to children about the life of bees, but also the beneficial properties of honey and other bee products. During the summer, when the bees wake up, you look at them and live in “a presentation hive”, where we will see through the transparent glass the whole family of the honeybee: worker bees, drones, but the queen mother. It is a noble and proudly bears the marking on the buttocks.

And in the summer we will honey tasted. What do you prefer? Blossom, acacia and lime? Domestic bean tastes great. Comfortably settled in a green hotel park full of trees, enjoy the beauty of nature, mountain air, magical views of the peaks and creative atmosphere workshop.

So here you are, come to have fun, tasting, but also learn something new.

Creative workshop bees in Hotel SLOVAN*** Tatranska Lomnica you expect.

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