Hike to the chalet Plesnivec – we recommend for families

Despite our deesicion to hike to the chalet Plesnivec in afternoon the weather was very pleasant and for family vacation almost perfect.

The hike isn´t difficult even for families with smaller children, butwe don’t recomend it for baby stoller.
The part of the tour goes under the trees, providing such desired shade  especially during hot summer days. You must sfollow green and blue tourist sign.Yellow sign leads on steep slope and direct sunlight.

The route is during the weekends quit frequented. We have met a group of singing children, tourists in a mature age, but also young families with children. there’s plenty of activities you can do during the hike. We recomend savoring the taste of  wild  strawberries growing along the path, searching for four-leaf clovers or watching giant forest ants. Or take it easz and just savour fresh air and beautiful views.

At the finish line you can profusely refresh. Homemade bean soup with chilled beer is great.

After this we set out the return journey. It went, as we say anymore, downhill. After less than one nad half hour we were at the finish.
Family holiday in the High Tatras can begin with hike to chalet Plesnivec!

Off to the mountains friends!

For more info about chalet Plesnivec and more photos, visit our related site www.tulacky.sk.

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