Irish evenings with James Evans

Jolly at first sight and second, when he began to speak and sing even more 🙂 This ever-smiling Irishman May weekend for two evenings played, sang and charmed audiences in a magical atmosphere Cafe & Bar Hotel SLOVAN*** Tatranska Lomnica. That the singer can sing somehow widely expected 🙂 When added to this model even more guitar in the eyes of the audience rises. This guy apart from the guitar to the guests and visitors Cafe & Bar unpacked sort of “Irish superstructure” which were Celtic fiddle and whistle. Heartfelt tones typical of Celtic melodies full of positive vibrations in combination with traditional world hits us left very pleasant feelings and “chills” were 🙂 Feedback has been very positive and applause silenced when we are at the end of surprised beautiful Slovak James “Thank you so much!” Answer: “James thank you so much too, we are looking forward next time!”

And it was really nice, you can “taste” for these two links:

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