The Lomnicky Peak

Lomnicky Peak is one of the most beautiful and the most famous peaks in High Tatras. Our Polish neighbours called him “King of the Tatras” and until 1837, it was descended from the old German colonizers considered as the highest peak. (For Liptov inhabitants was the highest peak at this time the majestic Kriváň 🙂 )

When you say Lomnicky Peak – probably every well-traveled Slovak will imagine „Lomnicák“ one of the most famous peaks of the High Tatras with the typical red cable car, the highest inhabited place in Slovakia and the highest meteorological station in Central Europe …

If you are already in Skalnate Pleso and you would like to go from there to Lomnicky Peak, chances of getting there are quite small. This trip needs to be scheduled in advance, because going to Lomnicky peak is possible only with a reservation. In the summer time we advice to plan this trip a day or two in advance. Of course everything depends on the amount of tourists. Cabin, which takes tourists from Skalnate Pleso on Lomnicky Peak has a capacity for only 15 persons. The journey takes only 9 minutes and stay on top is from the operational and safety reasons limited to 50 minutes.

If you are interested in technical parameters , it’s a “personal bicable run shuttle system with a firm grip of one cab” . For the laics, it´s beautiful red cabin, tranposrting visitors to the majestic “Grandpa” or “Grossvater” as is Lomnicky Peak called by old residents of High Tatras. Lomnicky Peak will literally amaze you and leave unforgettable memories of wild beauty of Tatras. It will be unforgettable experience.

Lomnicky Peak is a tourist attraction itself but its peak is also the highest-natural botanical garden in Slovakia and Central Europe (and maybe also in Europe) and it has a beautiful cable observation deck made for enhancing the experience.

More information can be found here.

GPS: 49°11’42.8″N 20°12’48.1″E

Zobraziť Lomnický štít na väčšej mape


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