Is NORDIC WALKING saying something to you, but you don´t  know what exactly it is? Did Do you think is just walking with two sticks? Basically, yes. But …

Who wants to enjoy the benefit of this effective cardiovascular workout still needs to know a bit more.
For example, before walking you need to limber up, you need to learn the proper technique which includes breathing, good posture, and good stride.

Everything necessary about this sport will teach you qualified and certified Nordic walking instructor Marek Molnár in Hotel SLOVAN***  in two cycles 5.7-12.7.2014 and 9.8-16.8.2014 from 8:00 -9:15 each morning, and from 7:00 to 8:15 in the evening.


And why start with Nordic walking?
– easy on joints
– has a positive effect on the heart and lungs
– effectively burns fat and lowers cholesterol
– strengthens the immune system
– increases performance activity
– eliminates stress
– and much more


What will you need?
– appropriate footwear and clothing, enthusiasm and a little bit of free time

So feel free to come and try something new!

Renting sticks and instructor´s services are FREE! Seats are limited!

Nordic Walking provides two assurances: HIGH EFFECT – LOW RISK 🙂


For more info about this popular physical activity click here.

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