We invite all supporters of Fine Arts to OPEN AIR ART SYMPOSIUM, which will be held on 25-26.7.2014 in Tatranska Lomnica. Scenic park of Hotel SLOVAN *** Tatranska Lomnica with magical view of the Lomnicky Peak will welcome seven artists from two countries and a curator.

Visitors will participate in the creation of a situation of present artists associated with the interaction and vernissage in the mountains of Tatranska Lomnica.

Authors:Andrej Augustín, Martin Augustín, Mário Flaugnatti, Igor Piačka, Marko Vrzgula (Slovak republic), Mirek Pošvic, Jiří Váp (Czech republic).
Curator: Ľudovít Petránský
Organizers: GOLD FRAME Art Gallery, Hotel SLOVAN*** Tatranska Lomnica

Program of Symposium:

25.júl 2014
10.00 – 16.00. production in the Park Hotel
19.00. vernissage I.

26.júl 2014

10.00 – 16.00.  production in the Park Hotel
19.00. vernissage II.

Free Admission.

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