Project Wander card in Hotel SLOVAN

Do you enjoy traveling? Love to collect? Do you know a Tourist business Cards or Wander Cards? Wander Card / Business Card Tour is a project that vowed to promote interesting and attractive tourist spots such as natural, historical, technical, military or religious things. For five years he compiled in the Czech Republic more than 2700 tourist cards. As the mother country they began to be a time of tight teeny, last year they decided to expand into other countries. In addition to Germany, this group also appeared on Slovakia and Poland.

In less than a year, there were more than 200 issued Wander Card and includes standard categories, the system has grown also about  Gastro section. Hotel SLOVAN Tatranská Lomnica join the project as first property in Slovakia ranked since April 2014 and we are proud to say that in this new Gastro section we have obtained the serial number SK-G1!

Wander Card are made as stickers with a coupon that can be stuck on Wander Book. This creates a tourist traveler’s own album of visited sites, which is unique for each participant of this activity.

Summer and tourist season is approaching, please accept an invitation from Hotel SLOVAN in Tatranska Lomnica. You can buy  Gastro Wander Card Hotel Slovan*** Tatranská Lomnica only from us, and secondly, we have prepared for you a lot of surprises on summer vacation. And to each of you purchased the card to your Wander Book ® can defea t and our hotel’s stamp.
In addition to “our” Wander Gastro Card you can also purchase Wander Card of Lomnicky Peak.

More info as it works you can read here, or on the homepage of the project.


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