Project Wander card in Hotel SLOVAN

Do you enjoy travelling? Do you love to collect stamps or stickers? Have you ever heard of tourist cards or Wander Cards? Let us introduce tourist card like Wander Card. Wander Card is a project which present some interesting tourist spots such as natural, historical, technical, military or religious sites. In the first five years of its existence in Czech Republic more than 2700 tourist cards were published. Last year they have decided to extend into bordering countries as Germany, Slovakia and Poland.

The standard categories included more than 500 Wander Cards till now. There is the new category – Gastronomy section. Hotel SLOVAN Tatranská Lomnica joined to project in April 2014 as first in Slovakia. We are proudly carrying on serial number SK-G1 in Gastronomy section!

Wander Card is made as stickers with a coupon that you must to stick in the Wander Book. This is the way how traveller can create his own album of visited sites which is unique for each participant of this activity.

The summer season is quickly approaching, so don’t hesitate to visit Hotel SLOVAN*** in Tatranska Lomnica. Just buy Gastronomy Wander Card Hotel SLOVAN*** Tatranska Lomnica wherever you want but also we have prepared for you a lot of surprises on your summer vacation. Each of you, who will buy the card to your Wander Book ® can get our stamp of hotel SLOVAN***.
In addition to “our” Wander Gastro Card you can also buy Wander Card of Lomnicky Peak.

More info as it works you can read here, or on the homepage of the project.


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