Real Tatra´s Safari

Today we really do not need to travel to the zoo to see animals live. In the High Tatras you can see deer or deer how they majestic walks in front of the hotel Slovan. All around to hear the birds warble. Want to know what’s so fun sound? Come take a look! On the old birches in our little park we have 13 nests and a lot chicks. 

Feel free to come and see, eg. the cubs song thrush. While walking Tatranska Lomnica come across the creek, where frogs, fish as well as salamanders enjoy it.

The greatest curiosity is that to the High Tatras are returning beavers and they build their dams there. We will tell you a secret place :), which we found during the walk in the beautiful Tatra nature.

This is how looks Tatra safari live:

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