Spis Castle

The lagrest castel in Slovakia | Spis Castle

Spis Castle is among the largest castle complexes in Europe and is the largest castle in Slovakia. Has a unique area, more than 41 000 m2. Its construction began in the 12th century, its robustness gained over the next 600 years. Preserve the castle part, which is made ​​available since 1985 a small museum. Interesting is the castle torture chamber, which is part of the exhibition. Massive fortification and castle walls are dominating the file. In 1961 the castle was declared one of the first national cultural heritage, and in 1993 was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We recommend that magical night tour.

GPS: 49°00’02.2″N 20°46’07.0″E (hrad), 48°59’54.8″N 20°46’13.5″E (parking place near the castle)

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