Stara Lesna, Astronomical educational trail “Path through the universe”

At first it might seem that this trail is perhaps misplaced here in the Tatra Mountains. But Astronomical nature trail has its place here, especially because the Stara Lesna is an established Astronomical Institute, which operates its observatories at Skalnate Pleso and Lomnicky Peak.

Currently, nature trail contains 13 panels with key information not only about the technical appliances of Astronomical Institute, but also about celestial bodies – beginning with the moon and ending with the Big bang. Trail starts near the main building of the Institute and ends near the last dome with binoculars. To get there from Tatranska Lomnica you can use a trail, or if you can go by car. It is up to the visitor, or might prefer a pleasant stroll or a more convenient and less time-consuming variant and parked right next to the nature trail. Stara Lesna is located only less than 4 km along the main road from. Walk from Tatrasnka Lomnica to the trail can be done under an hour.

GPS: 49°09’05.5″N 20°17’15.7″E

Zobraziť Stará Lesná, Astronomický náučný chodník na väčšej mape

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