Stary Smokovec, educational path “History of Smokovce”

Nature trail is located in the village of Stary Smokovec. Originally it had seven information panels and should begin at the bus station and ends in downtown Stary Smokovec, near the information center. Panel No. 1 t.č. (01/2013) unfortunately doesn’t exist anymore … And as the very name suggests the trial, its seven (six) stoppings only briefly displays the history of Smokovec. This is confirmed by the words of the author PaedDr. Nicholas Argalács “Seven panels of the trail can not capture everything that happened in little more than 200 years of existence of the settlements. But the facts, the fragments of history, are a breeding ground for understanding the context. Therefore, we tried to bring the facts, events, which we walked to the present. Through learning the past, we are closer to knowledge of our ancestors”.

GPS: 49°08’26.9″N 20°13’29.2″E (where was the first panel)

Zobraziť Starý Smokovec, Náučný chodník História Smokovcov na väčšej mape

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