Starý Smokovec, Mineral water from Smokovec

Slovakia is a queen of “mineral waters”. Places where natural mineral water springs are numerous in our area, some are well-known through some still wit to be discovered, some forgotten and some lost.
People have always visited these places, just because the belief, that water has healing if not downright magical properties. In 1793, after a long persuasion of Count I. Csaky, evangelic pastor TT Mauksch managed to obtain the consent and authority to the built a hunting cabin near the “acidic springs under Slavkovsky Peak”.

Consequently, this “conquest effort” ushered in the first pioneers of the Old Smokovec – oldest mountainous village. Thanks to the information board we can find out that the spring is filled with hydro carbonate, carbonic, cold hypotonic water … uh, so many foreign words 🙂

GPS: 49°08’33.7″N 20°13’24.8″E

Zobraziť Starý Smokovec, Smokovecká kyselka na väčšej mape

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