Stone churches (medieval, 13th century.)

Medieval stone churches

Spis region, without any exaggeration can be described as a very attractive tourist region. It is interesting not only for the Slovaks, but can also offer many attractions of global importance to foreigners. In addition to the unique and unspoilt nature it is also rich in cultural heritage. It is because for centuries people of different ethnicities, nationalities and religious denominations lived side by side. If we go several centuries back – to the 13th century – we register the construction of the first Christian churches in what is now Middle Spis (the Levoca, Poprad and most of the Kezmarok districts) and upper Spis (part of the Kezmarok and Stara Lubovna – Zamagurie districts).

Medieval churches offer a unique atmosphere, a whiff of the old days when man looked at the world through different eyes than today. Although often simple and austere, without embellishment, they look noble. For many centuries they dominated the hamlets and villages, being the only brick buildings exceeding their surroundings in height many times. This was often reinforcedced by their position on a hill or mound. They have been standing in their place for centuries and despite rebuildings or extensions to them, still remain the same. For many generations, they represented the only certainty. Their, in most cases, modest size, made even smaller by the thick walls, these days embodies modesty and in particular the humility, with which they were built and maintained.


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