Tatranska Lomnica, The Museum of the Tatra National Park

Museum of the Tatra National Park (also known as the Museum of TANAP) has been open to its visitors since 1959. It has a typical shape of a triangle that rises to the high Tatra peak, which fits into the surrounding Tatra Mountains.
The museum is trying to apprise its visitors about the Tatra nature – animal and plant species,
methods and principles of protection but also with history and the history of the High Tatras and people in the Tatras region.

Museum consists of 2 separate exposures:
– The main exhibition in the museum building and the Tatra National Park
– Detached exposition of Tatra nature – to domestic visitors also known as The Tatra Botanical Garden.

The main exhibition in the museum building TANAP is divided into four thematic sections: science, protection, history and ethnographic. From the perspective of the visitor the most interesting would be probably a part about science and history. Those are attractive and rich exposures representing the local living nature. Just for completeness it should be added that most of exhibits on display are animals exposed form mortalities, which were subsequently and professionally dissected.
You can find here representatives of insects, butterflies, reptiles, fish, birds, small and large mammals as well as trees and plants, and also of course geological exposure. You can admire rabbit, badger, marmot, wolf, lynx, eagle, bear with cub or beautiful family of chamois.

Museum of the Tatra National Park in Tatranska Lomnica is open whole year. We recommend to check current availability on the website of the museum TANAP. In addition you can find here information about admissions. This museum is one of the most visited museums in Slovakia. Visitors will appreciate that taking pictures and video recording is not charged. We recommend visit of this museum not only in bad weather. If you are travelling with kids (younger or older) believe me, they appreciate it 🙂

More information and pictures can be found here here.

GPS: 49°09’59.4″N 20°17’03.8″E

Zobraziť Tatranská Lomnica, Múzeum TANAP na väčšej mape

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