Tatranská Lomnica, Ski museum

Ski museum is a private museum focusing on the history and development of a wide range of winter sports (and not just the traditional ones) in the High Tatras from their earliest beginnings to the end of World War II. The museum was opened in 05/2013. Museum is located in Tatranska Lomnica, near the Tatra railway station and is also accessible from the main road.
Beside the museum building there is parking for guests and visitors of the museum.

This unconventional but very interesting exhibition offers a cross-section of the history of Tatra sport since the inception of Tatra settlements, up to the year 1945. There are plenty of snowshoes, skis, toboggans, sleds … In addition not only traditional sports are represented in proportion but non-traditional sports such as. curling, which was operated in early 20th century. The exhibits are accompanied by descriptions in Slovak and English. Says the owner of the museum p. V. Hubač: “We tried to give it a storyline. The exhibition is converted by the visitor origins of skiing, after a final period, which is our year 1945. “One of the attractions we would like to mention – there are skis made ​​from barrel staves, more than three wooden skis with bindings from sea cane and also binding “Kandahar”, which was used until 1960. Additional attractions are original sleds, toboggans or skeleton. In the museum you can find 19 information panels with lots of interesting information about how High Tatras sometimes looked like.

Ski Museum in Tatra Lomnica is open daily 9:00 to 18:00. During high season until 22:00. Admission for adults is 2.5 euro, 1.5 euro kids.

GPS: 49°09’53.5″N 20°16’41.8″E

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