Terms and conditions of Hotel SLOVAN*** Tatranska Lomnica

  1. Terms and conditions govern the behavior of the Customer, hereinafter referred to as “guest”, and other rights and obligations of the hotel and the guest.
  2. To the Hotel SLOVAN Tatranska Lomnica, hereinafter referred to as “the hotel” can be accommodated only a guest who has booked accommodation and services with the reception of hotel, or if there is booking at the hotel reception, or if the host is booked  for housing.
  3. Reservation becomes definite after a delivery of the completed booking form, hereinafter referred to as “reservation”, or, if required, after the deposit payment.  A receipt of the completed booking form via internet is also considered as a delivery of the completed booking form.  A contract between a guest and the hotel is concluded § 754 and Civil Code after the hotel reception confirms the reservation. The concluded contract gives the right to a guest  to be accommodated in the hotel room, booked for the time period and under the conditions of the booking confirmation.
  4. Terms and conditions are a part of a contract and are obligatory for both parties – hotel and guests. Guest is committed to fill reservation form on www.hotelslovan.sk truthfully. The guest is obliged to inform the hotel through the reservation form about the intention of bringing own baby travel crib.
  5. For the purpose of guest accommodation, the guest is obliged to prove their identity at check – in to the reception staff by submitting the identity card or the passport. The hotel has a right not to accommodate a guest who does not proved his identity.
  6. The hotel guest who is not a citizen of the Slovak Republic is obliged, under the Aliens Act, as amended, to truthfully and completely fill out the form to report the residence and pass it on arrival at the hotel reception.
  7. The hotel guests can be accommodated in a hotel room after 2:00 pm., but no later than 10:00 pm. In case the guest fails to check in between 2:00 pm and 10:00 pm., his right to accommodation in the booked room will terminate and the hotel has a right to terminate the contract on accommodation. To accommodate a guest earlier is only possible when the service “early check in” has been ordered, of if it was pre-arranged.
  8. The guest who requires check in to the hotel room before 10:00 am. is obligated to pay  the price of accommodation for previous night.
  9. The guest is entitled to use the hotel room accommodation till 10:00 a.m. on the last day of accommodation. The guest is obliged to leave the hotel room, clear out its belongings and check out at the hotel reception no later than 10:00 am. If the hotel guest fails to do so, the hotel has a right to charge him with “late checkout” fee.
  10. If the guest fails to check out before 2:00 p.m., is obliged to pay the rate for the accommodation for the next day.
  11. The hotel guests can park their vehicles during the stay in the upper and lower hotel parking lot. The upper parking lot is usually closed from 12:00 pm. to 06:30 am. and it is under video surveillance.
  12. Vehicles are not designed for storing.  The hotel is not responsible for things left in the vehicle at the hotel parking lot.
  13. The guest is obliged to pay for the provided accommodation and services in accordance with the valid price list, which is published on www.hotelslovan.sk or the price agreed in advance. The hotel provide the guest with a written account, which is payable immediately after exposure.
  14. If the accommodation is originated upon arrival at the hotel reception, the guest is required to pay 100 % of the price before check in.
  15. The hotel may, in exceptional cases, offer other  accommodation than agreed, if it does not substantially differ from the confirmed order.
  16. If the guest asks for an extension of stay, the hotel may offer a different room than the one in which was originally booked.
  17. Upon arrival to the room, the guest, in his own interest, should check the condition and the equipment and should report any faults immediately to the reception. Guests are responsible for damage caused to the room and the equipment and the damage caused to the hotel facilities by the fault of its own or other persons accommodated under his orders and also by quests visits.
  18. Financial compensation for the loss of a hotel room key is 20 €.
  19. Breakfast is served in the restaurant. Dinner is served in the restaurant or cafe. Drinks are served in the restaurant, café, terrace and in the lobby of the hotel. Guests are not entitled to bring food, drinks and hotel service outside those premises without hotels permission.
  20. It is forbidden to consume carried in food and beverages, with the exception of baby food, in the restaurant, café and others common areas of the hotel.
  21. The guests with their escorts are obliged to follow this Terms and conditions, as well as general moral and ethical standards accepted in the Slovak Republic. Their behavior should not restrict or disturb other hotel guests and the hotel staff. The hotel is entitled, but not obliged to inform the guest to violate decency or property right. The landlord may terminate the contract on accommodation if guests and their ecsort  violate the obligations of accommodation rules of the hotel and good manners despite warning.
  22. The guest is obliged to respect the quiet hours from 22:00 to 6:00 pm.
  23. The guest acknowledges that the staff (maid, manitanance, etc.) is entitled to enter the room during the stay in order to perform their duties.
  24. Guests are not allowed to bring sports equipment such as skis, ski boots, skates, sleds, bikes, etc. to the room.
  25. The landlord is responsible for things brought into the hotel premises, which are reserved for storing under § 433 et seq. Civil Code. The landlord is not responsible for things brought into the other hotel premises. The lanlord is responsible for the jewelry, money and other valuables to the amount determined under the Civil Code.
  26. The landlord corresponds for the jewelery, money and other valuables  without limit if they are taken into custody of the hotel safe. The right to damages shall be obliged without delay, not later than on the seventh day after damage has been done.
  27. The common areas of the hotel are reserved for admittance of visiting guests. Guest is allowed to take an escort to the room  only with the consent of the hotel  from  9:00 am. to 9:00 pm. Visitors are obliged to report identifying information to the hotel reception.
  28. Guest has the right any time before stay cancel order for the application of accommodation terms and conditions. In case of cancel order from guest side by sending written or e-mail notice on reservation@hotelslovan.sk, is contract about accomodation canceled to the date, when it was cancelation delivered to owner. In case, that guest does not come on his stay, guest is obliged to pay corresponding cancellation fee: from the order to 30 days before arrival 30% of price stay, from 29 to 10 days before arrival 50% from of price stay, from 9 to 0 days before arrival 100% of price stay.
  29. Cancellation fee will be deducted from deposit, or paid price stay. If is the deposit paid, or paid price higher as amount cancellation fee, difference landlord returned to the guest. In case the deposit is lower than the cancellation fee, the guest is obliged to pay the sum of cancellations in full.
  30. The hotel is strictly no smoking. Smoking is allowed in front of the hotel.
  31. Hotel rooms are equipped with fire alarms that are connected to a central fire alarm system (FAS). Fire detectors react to heat and smoke, and their activation triggers a fire alarm. Handling fire sensor can trigger a fire alarm. In the case of negligent activation of fire alarms the guest bears the damage in the amount of € 100 for disturbing normal operation of the hotel as non-pecuniary damage.
  32. The hotel corridors are equipped with fire alarms with red labels. Breaking the protective glass triggers immediate evacuation fire alarm. Handling fire alarm negligently can trigger immediate evacuation fire alarm. The landlord is entitled to enforce against the guest who caused a damage of a detector.
  33. Hotel rooms are equipped with fire extinguishers and fire hydrants. If they are damaged negligently or intentionally by the guest or by his escort, the hotel may charge the guest for damages incurred on these devices, including damage caused by other means with wrongful intentional use of these devices.
  34. The guests are not allowed to use their own electrical appliances in the hotel room. This regulation does not apply to electrical appliances used for personal purposes  (a shaver, a hair dryer, etc.) and portable electronics (mobile phones, car navigation systems, music players, tablets, laptops, etc.) which meets the applicable standards, otherwise guest is responsible for any caused damage.
  35. The landlord is not liable for any damage to guest electrical appliances, which occurred as a result of fluctuations or power failure.
  36. In a hotel room and in common public areas of the hotel the guest is not authorized to move devices, make repairs, or to interfere with the telephone equipment, radio and television, hair dryer, or the power supply or other installation, otherwise the guest will be responsible for any damage done to the devices.
  37. During the temporary departure from the hotel room the guest is required to close the room taps, close the windows, patio doors, turn off all electrical appliances, and to lock the hotel room properly and pass the room key to the reception.
  38. The landlord is not responsible for any disputes or conflicts among the guests of the hotel, but to the extent legal options the landlord takes the necessary steps to ensure order in accommodation and others areas of the hotel.
  39. The hotel’s guests are obliged to provide escorts and adult supervision for minors in the hotel room as well as in other areas of the hotel for safety reasons.
  40. When using the hotel elevator guests and their visitors are required to comply with the instructions for its operation located in the elevator car. Children are not allowed to operate the hotel elevator.
  41. From a security standpoint, the guest is obliged to respect the designation of the door only for the staff and do not embed objects into openings for the maintenance of the property, otherwise the guest is liable for damage caused.
  42. In order to provide first aid for injured hotel guests a first aid kit is located at the hotel reception.
  43. It is not possible to entry the hotel with a pet and to accommodate the pet in the hotel room.
  44. Hotel quest, their visitor ad escorts are obliged to follow the written instruction dislayed in the common parts and facilities of the hotel as well as the staff instructions. In the hotel is allowed to consume alcoholic beverages only to persons older than 18 years. Staff is entitled to refuse to sell or bring alcoholic beverage to persons under 18 years of age and persons apparently affected by alcohol or other intoxicating substances.
  45. It is forbidden to carry weapons or ammunition or keep them  in a state allowing immediate use.
  46. The landlord has the right to refuse to provide the hotel services to persons affected by infectious diseases.
  47. Part of the premises outside the hotel and the pool and Relax center is monitored by CCTV. Areas under video surveillance are identified by appropriate pictograms.
  48. The guest grants consent to video surveillance by conclusion of the accommodation.
  49. The guest is obliged to respect the legal obligations of the hotel.
  50. The landlord is required to keep a record of accommodation which contains personal data within the meaning of the relevant legal regulation.
  51. The landlord is obliged to verify the identity of foreigner accommodated in the hotel. The record  of accommodation indicates the nationality of the foreigner. The landlord has to ensure the completion of an official form of reporting stay and deliver it to the competent police department within five days of accommodation.
  52. The guest complaints and suggestions to improve are accepted by authorized person. In case of guest complaint the hotel and the guest are required to follow the claimed procedure located at the hotel reception.
  53. Terms and conditions above has been approved by the landlord and are valid and effective from 01.01.2016. Terms and conditions are  available for consultation if www.hotelslovan.sk at the reception.