Trip # 1 to the oldest cottage in the High Tatras

Probably the most visited and one of the most popular routes in the High Tatras. Of course, we are talking about visiting Rainer’s lodge. The hike can be divided into two parts: route A (Stary Smokovec – Hrebienok) and route B (Hrebienok – Rainer cottage).

Route A:
Stary Smokovec (lower border of the funicular) – Hrebienok (upper station of the funicular)
Option 1: [asphalt surface: 2.9 km; about 1 hour; elevation 280 m] – suitable for prams, wheelchairs and other vehicles
Option 2: [green mark (along the route of the funicular): 2.5 km; about 1 hour; elevation 280 m] – unsuitable for prams and other wheeled carriers. Recommended for pedestrians.
Option 3: Take the funicular – suitable for all, even sleeping babies, seniors and disabled people. This option isn’t free of charge, of course.
Route B:
Hrebienok (upper station of the funicular) – Rainer cottage. [Hardened gravel-natural surface: 1.3 km; 25 min; elevation 50 m] – suitable for strollers and wheelchairs.

Part of the road from Hrebienok to Rainer’s cottage was opened on 24 October 2008 by the British Queen Elizabeth II. during her visit to Slovakia.


The entire trip can be planned in different ways:
You can complete the hike A and B there and back on foot (if you want your baby to sleep in the pram in the fresh air Tatra for as long as possible :)) If you have slightly older travellers on your team, you can walk along the green trail that goes right along the funicular. If you want to be totally comfortable or do not have enough time to walk to Hrebienok, you can take the funicular.
The hike back (from Hrebienok to Stary Smokovec) can be completed in the summer on mountain scooters, which can be rented for a fee. In winter, you can slide down on a sled, which you can also rent.

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