Hotel SLOVAN is Geocaching positive

Hotel SLOVAN*** is a device that is not only friendly to children, but we are one of a few accommodations that is Geocaching positive. This outdoor activity is between tourists and travelers becoming more popular. Its popularity lies in new and innovative (but no inherently very simple) approach to learning about the beauty of nature, monuments, interesting places … but also travel and roam the world. The purpose of the game is bring you to the place, which you did not know, never has heard 🙂 You might say it’s a little far-fetched. Believe me, it is not. I say this from experience. The places which I visited because of this game I have no idea that they exist at all.

How it works, you can read here here.

The beauty of this activity lies in the fact that, this game is for active individuals and families too (including small children, juniors and grandparents). Difficulty of roads is up to you. This game is not playing  for medals. Win can everyone who does not sit behind the computer at home but who can motivate their loved ones for a short trip to the surroundings.

And why do I think of geocaching really serious?  If you are handy, you can find limited edition commemorative wooden coins, SWG Hotel SLOVAN.

PS: One such undemanding “hiding place” is also available in the hotel’s park 🙂


Have a fun, get to know our beautiful country and nature and get new and positive experiences.


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