Musical afternoons for children – Spievanky, Spievanky (Little songs, little songs)

Come with us to the kingdom of music, children’s songs and good fun. For our smallest guests we’ve prepared merry musical programme, which we named „Spievanky, Spievanky (Little songs, little songs)“. Our pianist mister Peter, a musician in body and soul with a small singer Miška will sing with you. 
Is anyone brave enough to sing in the microphone on their own? You’re welcome to. We’ll be only too glad. Our mister pianist knows every song. You don’t believe us? Try us! What song will you choose? „Tancuj, tancuj, vykrúcaj“ or „Prší, prší, len sa leje“? The choice is yours.

There have been children in our Hoteli SLOVAN*** Tatranská Lomnica who were so keen on singing that we couldn’t take the mirophone from their hands. And some talented chilren sung in English, Polish, Russian or played the flute.

Traditional Slovak folk songs are very popular. Interesting is their rendering by Mária Podhradská and Richard Čanaky – „Spievanky a Zahrajka“. So through the children’s play area will resonate songs such as „Pásla ovečky v zelenom hájičku“ and many others.

Have you ever been to a „Fíha tralala“ performance? If you know their songs, join them and sing with our little singer Miška. And if you don’t know Fíha tralala, no worries! In our Hotel SLOVAN*** you’ll learn that „Fíha“ is a dwarf who lives in a book and teaches children about the world through songs, dances, poems, games and rhymes.

Come and explore the magical and mysterious world of music; sing and have fun.

Hotel SLOVAN invites you to the kingdom of music, tones and sounds. Welcome, come in!




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