Popradske Pleso


It is a tourist quite famous and popular lake located at an altitude of 1 494 m. n. m .. It is the fifth largest lake on the Slovak side of the High Tatras (6.88 ha). Is among the more than 80 lakes that are located in the High Tatras. Directly on the route of the highway from the Tatra Strbske Pleso is located approximately 1 hour comfortable walking (red mark – Summer road). Popradske Pleso is the starting point for all major trekking hikes (Ostrva, Kôprovský shield features …). Its older name was Fish lake. The reason was precisely the fact that it was one of the few Tatra lakes where fishes lived.

According to the method of formation of the Tatra lakes, we divided lakes on Qar and moraine. Rejoices originated either in glacial kettles (karoch) or depressions fenced glacial silt (moraines). Many lakes were created by both ways, they were excavated hail and obstructed by deposits. And it is in this third mixed group advised the Poprad Pleso. For these alpine lakes is characterized by “round” shape.

On its shore stand two mountain cottages: cottage Popradske Ball (former Cottage Cpt. Morávku, built 1961) and Majláthova cottage (built in 1879, renovated in 2010). Near Poprad tarn is also Symbolic cemetery of the victims of the High Tatras under Ostrva.


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GPS: 49°09’13.4″N 20°04’47.5″E

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