Real chocolate warms up more than just the heart

Enjoy a true feast of smells and tastes in the unique atmosphere of the café of Hotel SLOVAN*** in the High Tatras. Be invited on a chocolate journey around the world.

Real chocolate from the highest-quality cocoa beans – criolo and trinitario – will transport you into new dimensions in the magical world of chocolate. Sensitivity to design is, of course, an important part of the production of chocolate. Thanks to the unique combination of beauty and taste we can offer unique products to the lovers of chocolate. We also keep children in mind; they can enjoy a healthy treat they will savour. All children (and not only they) will love chocolate lollipops in the form of a nice Tatra bear made of white and milk chocolate.

Drinking chocolate made by us is a true delicacy. Enjoying a sip of hot chocolate made specifically for you is a pleasant experience for all gourmans. We serve it with real whipped cream and a shave of cocoa butter imported straight from Cuba.

Melting chocolate ORIGINE is made of cocoa beans from particular regions and thus has a specific country of origin. The climate and the soil have undoubtedly a great impact on the taste of the chocolate itself, which makes chocolates from different regions so interesting and at the same time so mysterious. Put a piece of chocolate from Mexico, Venezuela, Ghana or Papua into your mouth and dream of distant countries.

Tanzania – dark chocolate 75%, a unique colour as well as smell, intensive, fruity, mildly bitter

Venezuela – dark chocolate 72%, an excellent, mild and at the same time prominent flavour tasting after dark fruits

Cuba – dark chocolate 70%, balanced, fruity, mildly spicy, mysterious

Mexico – dark chocolate 66%, exotic, long-lasting flavour, mildly spicy

Ghana – milk chocolate 39% mildly sweet, rich cocoa taste, long-lasting flavour

Papua – milk chocolate 35%, aromatic, very mild with a hint of fruity taste

If you want to give a nice surprise to those close to you, we are happy to package the Origine chocolate in a gift box for you.

Enjoy also a Cafe Latte or Cappucino. You will surely be pleasantly surprised by the chocolate logo of Hotel SLOVAN decorated with gold. The logo will be the centrepiece of the well-whipped foam and will proudly carry itself on the foam despite its weight.

Taste, get inspired, dream in our cafe, friends, lovers of chocolate.

You are warmly welcome in the pleasant cafe of Hotel SLOVAN*** in Tatranská Lomnica.

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