Stary Smokovec, geoglyph

Surely you think I was probably mistaken … Well, i‘m not 🙂 You red correctly: geoglyph. Geoglyphs are a large painting or other large graphic motives created on the surface. In Slovakia are two such unique buildings. The first one (probably better known) is located under the Spis castle
and has the shape of a horse from Celtic coins discovered during archaeological investigations on the Spis Castle. The other (less known) is to be found in Stary Smokovec. Both geoglyphs were created in 2008, by Australian sculptor Andrew Rogers in his project “Rhythm of Life”.

Smokovec geoglyph is smaller than its sibling Spis. It covers an area of ​​36 × 35 meters. Geoglyphs line has a length of 330 meters and a height of about 20 cm. It is built of granite and Tatra shows “optimistic symbol of life.” Nowadays, is this unique work almost forgotten. It‘ overgrown with seeding plants, grasses and shrubs …

If you still decided to look for it just go by the prospect of Smokovec further down the path and in a few minutes you are at it (located on the former ski slope at the hotel Bellevue). And if you would still like to see how it looked, we offer you one of the few images that we have found on the web (albeit inferior). When you “throw” into the Google search engine coordinates, which are our contribution and accordingly it zoom in – you’ll see exactly where you are located as well as its outline.

First geoglyphs in the project life rhythm Rogers created in 1999 in Israel. Others are in Bolivia, Chile, Australia, Iceland, China, Sri Lanka, Turkey, India and Nepal. The project was conducted under the auspices of UNESCO and is one of the largest sculptural projects in the world. More info about his work, visit Andrew Rogers website.

GPS: 49°08’28.3″N 20°13’49.0″E

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