Tatranská Kotlina, Belianska cave

Balieska cave is among the most visited caves in Slovakia. It was well knowed by gold seekers in the first half of the 18th century. In addition to rich rock shapes it‘s unique because of sinter waterfalls which are more than 50 meters long. To the entrance to the cave  – 890 m above see level, leads a  nature trail with a length about 1 kilometer, walk takes about 25 minutes.
The cave is 3829 meters long, the height difference is 168 meters. Accessible part has more than 1 kilometer with an elevation of 125 meters . The trail has 860 steps. Cave tour takes approximately 70 minutes. The cave temperature is between 5 and 6.3 ° C. Unique Music Hall is named after the sound of the impacting droplets on the surface pond.

GPS: 49°13’44.2″N 20°18’41.1″E

Zobraziť Tatranská Kotlina, Belianska jaskyňa na väčšej mape

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