Tatranska Lomnica, Educational trail “Pramenisko”

This place was declared as a national nature reservation (NNR), so it is area with the highest degree of protection. Pramenisko belongs to the list of 72 nationally important wetlands. For its uniqueness was also included in the network of major European Natura 2000 habitats in the category mountain and foothill riparian forests. P

Pramenisko is the oldest and best preserved forest cover of this type in the Tatras. Pramenisko is an example of waterlogged forests. Character of this area is mainly determined by the water in the form of creeks, streams and standing water. Moreover, groundwater level is not near the surface but directly on it.

Educational trail (NCH) Pramenisko is part of a larger circuit, which begins near the Tatra nature exposition (Botanical Garden T. Lomnica) and continues to Pramenisko, then brings you to the Tatranec camp and back to T. Lomnica. The entire circuit can be done in about 2 hours (total time of expedition depends on fitness level of tourist:)). If you are not interested in passing through the all circiut, you can pass only Pramenisko. Its total length is about 800 meters, which makes about 1 hour walk (in leisurly pace).

To get to the start of educational trail you can go to Barčova lúka (below you can find GPS coordinates). The gateway is about 250 meters from here. At the beginning you will be welcomed by wooden entrance gate with a box intended for the printed guide, which you can borrow. At the end of the trail is the same box where these guides should be returend.

Educational trail in the NNR Pramenisko is a combination of pleasant walk with educational dimension. Full of diverse vegetation, insects, flowers, singing birds, murmuring water … really, everything as it should be in the nature. What grows there, falls at the time, and finally remains and creates a unique world. Around the trail you can see many uprooted and fallen trees, which gives the place a more authentic touch.

Total of 6 educational panels and 2 observation decks are lacated on a trail. The wooden walkway of trail is made of about three feet wide roundwood logs. From time to time are these wooden parts alternating with soil and peat sections. The surface of the logs in some places is without bark and therefore must reckon with the fact that after the rain it may be slippery, but we do not think it’s dangerous. Anyway visit this place is worth it. Definitely recommended!

PS – in the summer time there is a lot of raspberries 🙂

GPS: 49°10’02.2″N 20°17’52.8″E (coordinates point to Barčova lúka, where you can park the car. But it is not no big parking lot. It can hold up to 2 cars 🙂 )

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