Tatranska Lomnica, The Exposition of Tatra nature

Exposition of Tatra nature is hold as a botanical garden. It is located about 5 minutes walk from the main building of the Tatra National Park (TANAP) museum. Unlike the mentioned museum (which is open whole year) botanical gars opens seasonally.
Visitors can admire unique exhibits for 4 months only – from the second Sunday of May till the second Sunday in September. During this period visitors have the unique opportunity to watch the changing colours of the Tatra wilderness.

Tourists who visit Tatranska Lomnica in late autumn or early spring months, respectively during the winter months have a chance to take a look on Tatra flora, directly in the Museum of TANAP. In his glazed display cabinets, which are divided into individual vegetation levels, about 150 kinds of flowers are displayed, including those which are hard to spot and grown in the botanical garden.

Garden covers an area of about 3 hectares. Visitors can see nearly 300 kinds of Tatra plants, which represent guided surface, divided into three main parts: granite rockery, limestone rockery and peat- bog. You can find here typical mountain flora and also specific vegetation of alpine levels. You can see the plants that normally remain hidden from the eyes of hikers because they occur far away from tourist trails.

Trail will bring up you to the green tabs, small water tank, which is located at the rear of the Botanical Garden. Part of the Botanical Garden is also a palisade trail stretching by peat- bog.

For more information about opening hours and admission fees go the website of the Botanical Garden, as well as a museum the TANAP.

GPS: 49°10’04.7″N 20°17’16.3″E

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