Tourist map for your trips to the Tatras

The High Tatras are a unique place for excursions or hiking. Get to know new routes, educational walkways or interesting natural and man-made places. High Tatras – detailed map and High Tatras hiking trails map will definitely help you out. Plan your route thoroughly in advance with a trip planner, prepare a quality itinerary, and then enjoy the experience. You can go on foot, on a bicycle or on a stroller, the choice is yours. Tatras have something nice for every visitor. Enjoy walks through the woods, high peaks, picturesque valleys, sparkling waterfalls, pristine ponds or unique fauna and flora. Climb into alpine huts and admire the enthusiasm and stamina of Tatras mountain carriers.  Spread and enjoy the peace and quiet of magical mountain nature. We wish you sunny days and a safe return. We will be glad if you share your experiences with us on our FB, we look forward to your photo and the views of our beautiful mountains.

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