Tours and excursions for families with children (including in prams)

If you are a lover of nature, excursions and exploring new places, we would like to offer you and your children some inspiration regarding trips in the High Tatras area. The suggestions for trips we are about to give you are suitable even for families with smaller children or for older people.

1. “To the oldest lodge in the High Tatras
Stary Smokovec – Hrebienok – Rainer cottage (4.2 km asphalt + hardened natural surface)
probably the most visited and one of the most popular routes in the High Tatras. One part of the road from Hrebienok to Rainer’s lodge was opened on 24 October 2008 by the British Queen Elizabeth II. during her visit to Slovakia.

2. “To the Poprad lake”
Tatra Electric Railway stop, Poprad lake – Poprad lake (4.3 km asphalt)
Another of the popular destinations for families. Very comfortable in terms of logistics and transport.

3. “From St. Anna to the lodge Podmuran”
Tatranska Javorina – the lodge Podmuran (2.2 km, hardened gravel surface)
In addition to the unique geological exposition in the wild nature, you can visit the beautiful wooden church of St. Anna in Tatranska Javorina.

4. “To the lodge in the Bielovodska valley”
Lysa Polana – the lodge in the Bielovodska valley (4 km, hardened gravel surface)
A beautiful walk along one of the largest valleys in the Slovak – Polish borderland, the total length of which is more than 10 km.

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