Zdiar, Zdiar’s House Museum

Zdiar, Zdiar’s House Museum

Múzeum Ždiarsky Dom | Hotel SLOVAN***

Múzeum Ždiarsky Dom | Hotel SLOVAN***

The village is distinctive and it is known for keeping the folk traditions and customs, lying near the Slovak-Polish border. The Museum is located in the central part of the village Zdiar. It is located in a beautiful even if not very large cottage with red shutters and significantly door jamb. Along with the stylish restaurant of the same name form an integrated complex.

Cottage itself is an example of a simple in kind of feeling of the people of the Tatra region. Exhibition presents not only a characteristic Zdiarsky costume but the tools and implements used in daily life of ordinary people in the past. The museum was founded in 1971 and was built according Ždiarska wooden models of 1911 and of 1914.

In addition to an interesting interpretation of mouth administrator can Zdiarska dressed in costume, you have the opportunity to experience some occasions Zdiarska wedding or. dress up in costume. Accompanying actions can also be riding horses through Ždiar and surroundings, tasting local specialties, or listen to music tones Goral.

Zdiarsky house museum is open every day of the week. Exact opening hours recommended to check with the administrator of the museum p. Peter Michalak on the phone number +421 (0) 904 408 519.

To zoom Goral culture you can listen to two songs from folk Zdiar recorded precisely Zdiar house Goral original music from the village Zdiar composed Karol Gnebus, Ing. Joseph Bachleda and Ladislav Svocak.


Traditional Zdiar’s song – V ľeše studžonecka:

Traditional Zdiar’s song – Hej Guroľ, jo se Guroľ:

Songs : www.zdiar.eu

GPS: 49°16’15.3″N 20°15’53.0″E

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