Summer Adventures with scooter from Hotel Slovan

Drive off after the Tatranska Lomnica in nature! Get ready for a unique experience with friends and family with a stylish scooter. Hotel SLOVAN will once again bring something new for the summer. Playful young and smart teenagers, you have to at what we enjoy. Summer SLOVAN will be great again! So let’s get into the field and scooter!

Stylish and agile scooter provides reliable transport over the Tatranska Lomnica and its surroundings. Relocate the Stary Smokovec to Kyselka or the Tatranske Matliare? Or do you attract a trip to the Botanical Gardens or to bear the lodge? It’s up to you, we have scooters, I’ll just borrow and enjoy.
Scooters from Hotel Slovan are derated due to fixed frame suitable for children and for teenagers. And when they start moving more security will guarantee aluminum rims and two reliable V-brakes. Scooters have a clean design and a unique color design. The maximum user weight is 95 kg.
Scooters for guests of Hotel Slovan available free of charge from 10 April 2015. Ask at the front desk.


How to ride a scooter?
To ride a scooter, we have for you some interesting tips:
• in reflecting regularly alternating legs,
• when replacing the reflecting legs do not look down, but watch the surroundings,
• do not forget to flick (jerk) feet after reflection,
• drive at a slight forward bend,
• put a lot of energy to the first reflection,
• use inertia drive, not reflecting unnecessarily often
• use to relax and slightly downhill,
• enjoy the ride, however, drive carefully.

What is a good ride on a scooter?

When driving a scooter was involved virtually all muscles of the body. Strengthened, in particular:

  • muscles around the spine – neck, chest and back muscles,
  • upper and lower limbs – shoulder muscles, pelvic floor,
  • strengthens the buttocks and calf, thigh and lower leg muscles,
  • abdominal muscles – scooter only solidifies belly!

In passing around 1 km do 200 squats down and ride is challenging and beneficial!
 When driving the scooter does not suffer from the joints and spine

In contrast to the run when riding a scooter suffering from a lower limb joints and skeletal muscle. Compared to ride the bicycle again practiced in the lower limbs, but the entire body.
Ride a scooter, if regular, also contributes to weight loss and body shaping. In the hour ride on a scooter, you can burn up to 500 calories (up to 2100 kJ).

We wish you a beautiful summer Slovan on wheels scooters

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