Kezmarok is situated in the north of the Slovak Republic in the picturesque surroundings of Spiš under the High Tatra mountains. The town was created by merging several settlements of the original Slovak population with the settlement of German immigrants. The first written mention of the town comes from 1251. Kezmarok gained its first town rights in the 1269. (more…)

Kezmarok, Protestant Wooden Articular church

Protestant Wooden Articular church

Evanjelický artikulárny kostol | Hotel SLOVAN***

Evanjelický artikulárny kostol | Hotel SLOVAN***

This important national cultural and sacral monument was created nearly 300 years ago. The church, paradoxically, owes its creation to the” dark” ages and the persecution of Protestants in our country. And what does the term “articular” means? Let’s have a little look at the history. (more…)

Kezmarok, Town Hall

The fourth stop on the historical route is Kezmarok’s Town Hall, situated in the cenre of the High street.

The first Kezmarok Hall stood on one of the oldest streets in Kezmarok – the old market. After the invasion of the Hussites in 1433 the town partly burned down and the town centre was moved to a different place where they created a new square. (more…)