Project Wander card in Hotel SLOVAN

Do you enjoy travelling? Do you love to collect stamps or stickers? Have you ever heard of tourist cards or Wander Cards? Let us introduce tourist card like Wander Card. Wander Card is a project which present some interesting tourist spots such as natural, historical, technical, military or religious sites. (more…)

Starý Smokovec, Mineral water from Smokovec

Slovakia is a queen of “mineral waters”. Places where natural mineral water springs are numerous in our area, some are well-known through some still wit to be discovered, some forgotten and some lost.

Stary Smokovec, geoglyph

Surely you think I was probably mistaken … Well, i‘m not 🙂 You red correctly: geoglyph. Geoglyphs are a large painting or other large graphic motives created on the surface. In Slovakia are two such unique buildings. The first one (probably better known) is located under the Spis castle