Wooden churches in the High Tatras area

Wooden churches could be described as a masterpiece of Slovak folk art. They are without a unique part of our cultural heritage. In Slovakia from more than 300 original objects preserved to this day, about 60 of sacral buildings. These buildings were on the one hand a sign of transience and “smallness” of man,

Stone churches (medieval, 13th century.)

Medieval stone churches

Spis region, without any exaggeration can be described as a very attractive tourist region. It is interesting not only for the Slovaks, but can also offer many attractions of global importance to foreigners. In addition to the unique and unspoilt nature it is also rich in cultural heritage. (more…)

Tours and excursions for families with children (including in prams)

If you are a lover of nature, excursions and exploring new places, we would like to offer you and your children some inspiration regarding trips in the High Tatras area. The suggestions for trips we are about to give you are suitable even for families with smaller children or for older people. (more…)