Stary Smokovec, Calvary on “The Nice View”

The only Calvary in High Tatras is located in Stary Smokovec. At the outset, let me quote the curator, director of the gallery Anna Ondrušeková “This Calvary is not classic, is artistic expression of artists. Is an expression of man’s relation to events and personality of Jesus Christ.

Stary Smokovec, geoglyph

Surely you think I was probably mistaken … Well, i‘m not 🙂 You red correctly: geoglyph. Geoglyphs are a large painting or other large graphic motives created on the surface. In Slovakia are two such unique buildings. The first one (probably better known) is located under the Spis castle

Trip # 1 to the oldest cottage in the High Tatras

Probably the most visited and one of the most popular routes in the High Tatras. Of course, we are talking about visiting Rainer’s lodge. The hike can be divided into two parts: route A (Stary Smokovec – Hrebienok) and route B (Hrebienok – Rainer cottage). (more…)

Rainer’s lodge

Rainer’s lodge

Rainerova útulňa | Hotel SLOVAN*** Tatranská Lomnica

It is certainly the oldest and probably also the smallest lodge in the High Tatras. Specifically because of its size and because you cannot spend the night there, it is often called a “refuge”. It saw the light of day in 1863 and the initiator of its creation was the legendary tenant of Stary Smokovec – Johan Georg Rainer.(more…)

Strbske pleso

Strbské pleso

Štrbské pleso | Hotel SLOVAN*** Tatranská Lomnica

The most famous and most visited lake on the Slovak side of the High Tatras. Located in the Tatra village of the same name – Strbske Pleso, in altitude of 1 346 m. n. m .. It is situated at the mouth of Furkotská and Mlynická valley. On the Slovak side of Tatras is the second largest Tatras mountain lake (more…)

Trip # 2 Popradske Pleso

Popradske Pleso

Another of the popular destinations for families. Very comfortable in terms of logistics and transport. Its excellent transportation access by car or Tatra rail, as well as the fact that the very route runs along the asphalt road, which is created in the carriages of any size and format 🙂 (more…)

Symbolic Cemetery under Ostrva

If you choose to walk to the Popradske Pleso, we make a detour to this, we recommend to see this special place. It’s really only a 5 min byway, we can guarantee that you spend a few tens of minutes. It’s popular and often visited corner of the mountains, which is located in an altitude of 1,525 meters. (more…)

Popradske Pleso


It is a tourist quite famous and popular lake located at an altitude of 1 494 m. n. m .. It is the fifth largest lake on the Slovak side of the High Tatras (6.88 ha). Is among the more than 80 lakes that are located in the High Tatras. Directly on the route of the highway from the Tatra Strbske Pleso (more…)

Trip # 3 From St. Anna to the lodge Podmuran

Tatranska Javorina – lodge Podmuran (compacted gravel surface: 2.2 km, about 45 min, 75 m elevation). If the beautiful wooden church of St. Anne’s tiny local village Tatranska Javorina turn left and you to keep roads, which will direct you straight to Javorova valley. The blue tourist trail after about 2 km you get to the lodge Podmuran, near which there is interest focused on geology Tatras. This is a unique geological exhibition of its kind in Slovakia in the wild – Learn geological area Podmuran.

GPS: 49°15’55.8″N 20°08’22.5″E (Tatranska Javorina, wooden church of St. Anne’s)

Zobraziť Tatranská Javorina, drevený rímskokatolícky kostol na väčšej mape

Trip # 4 To the lodge in the Bielovodska valley

Lysa Polana – lodge in Bielovodská valley (4 km, compacted gravel surface). Beautiful walk along one of the most extensive and sizable valleys located in Slovakia – the boundary begins at the Polish border crossing Lysa Polana. Besides small river white water rises forest area in the field below High. (more…)