Project Wander card in Hotel SLOVAN

Do you enjoy travelling? Do you love to collect stamps or stickers? Have you ever heard of tourist cards or Wander Cards? Let us introduce tourist card like Wander Card. Wander Card is a project which present some interesting tourist spots such as natural, historical, technical, military or religious sites. (more…)

Tatranska Lomnica, The Exposition of Tatra nature

Exposition of Tatra nature is hold as a botanical garden. It is located about 5 minutes walk from the main building of the Tatra National Park (TANAP) museum. Unlike the mentioned museum (which is open whole year) botanical gars opens seasonally.

Tatranska Lomnica, The Museum of the Tatra National Park

Museum of the Tatra National Park (also known as the Museum of TANAP) has been open to its visitors since 1959. It has a typical shape of a triangle that rises to the high Tatra peak, which fits into the surrounding Tatra Mountains.
The museum is trying to apprise its visitors about the Tatra nature – animal and plant species,

Tatranska Lomnica, Educational trail “Pramenisko”

This place was declared as a national nature reservation (NNR), so it is area with the highest degree of protection. Pramenisko belongs to the list of 72 nationally important wetlands. For its uniqueness was also included in the network of major European Natura 2000 habitats in the category mountain and foothill riparian forests. (more…)

Tatranská Lomnica, Ski museum

Ski museum is a private museum focusing on the history and development of a wide range of winter sports (and not just the traditional ones) in the High Tatras from their earliest beginnings to the end of World War II. The museum was opened in 05/2013. Museum is located in Tatranska Lomnica, near the Tatra railway station and is also accessible from the main road.